Welcome to the Talent Management Institute at ESCP Business School Berlin

Our vision is to support companies in the war for talent by providing state-of-the-art talent management research and creating a distinct community of TM experts for knowledge sharing.

We are a group of researchers and experts with practical experience in the area of talent management, and we are passionate about human resources and attracting, identifying, developing and retaining talent. Through this institute we offer our independent expertise and knowledge to practitioners and academics alike.

Given the demographic changes (aging, fewer and a more diversified workforce), continued global war for talent and new types of employee relationships that present new challenges and obstacles for companies of any size (e.g. “Arbeitswelten 4.0”), talent management has become the #1 priority for executives.


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About us


    Our aim is to develop and provide practice-oriented TM research and solutions for practitioners by:

    • Developing and running practice-oriented research projects
    • Conducting academic research projects
    • Offering the possibility to develop and test new and innovative TM practices and formats (e.g. with talentLAB)

    Our aim is to create a TM expert network and community which will:

    • Provide networking opportunities for TM experts and members
    • Foster TM discussions and best practice sharing among members
    • Offer individual (in-house) sessions to discuss TM matters with TMI experts

    Our aim is to provide a learning environment and platform for members to:

    • Gain access to state-of-the-art TM research and practices (case studies, ongoing projects, newsletters, blogs, webinars)
    • Participate in TM surveys and receive full access to our publications
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The concept

Products & Services

Become a member of the Talent Management Institute and benefit from:


Gain access to state-of-the-art talent management knowledge and publications by the Institute and participate in our research projects


Join us to exchange ideas, share knowledge and learn from others


Get the chance to develop and test new and innovative TM practices, discuss and get inspired at our workshops. For instance with the talentLAB, or join our talentSUMMIT or open seminar “Designing New Work – How HR Can Now Drive Business Transformation

  • Designing New Work – HR as a driver of innovation and change

    • Take the next step to New Work in your company. Learn how to benefit from current trends such as agility and new technologies including big data and process digitalisation in HR to enhance the competitiveness of your organisation.
    • Exchange about the experiences and lessons learned gained during the crisis and beyond.
    • Experience first-hand how New Work methods have driven the digital transformation from a traditional hierarchical print company to a new online media giant.
    • Receive individualised feedback and coaching on your HR business case.

    Faculty: Markus Albers (Rethink), Johannes Burr (Axel Springer), Prof. Marion Festing & Dr. Lynn Schäfer.
    Dates: 13 Apr – 18 May 2021 and 27 Oct – 24 Nov 2021
    Price: 2,950 Euros
    Contact: Jürgen Koch, Manager Executive Education, +49 (0)30 32 007 217, jkoch@escp.eu

  • talentLAB: Innovation

    talentLAB is a workshop format where members of the TMI, HR and TM departments can access a pool of Generation Y students to test TM instruments and practices.

    • Examples could include:
      • A company may wish to try out a new recruiting event and receive structured feedback and discussion on the campaign and workshop programme, before launching it officially
      • A company might want to develop and design a talent programme for younger high potentials and test its ideas with young students to learn about their expectations, preferences, work-oriented values and what is important for them in such a programme
    • talentLAB is a one-day workshop held at ESCP Business School Berlin
    • Basic costs for this workshop format for TMI members is 2,500€ (price for non-TMI members 5,000€) for four students (6h), moderation by a member of the TMI and catering (lunch, coffee breaks) for a maximum of two external customers. Costs may vary according to the number of students/external people involved, catering preferences and possible preparations.
  • talentREVIEW: Expertise

    The TMI offers workshops or consulting services to discuss and develop company-specific TM challenges and solutions. Talent reviews comprise:

      • Interviews with different stakeholders (as agreed with the client) e.g. with HR, TM, line managers and participants in a talent programme
      • Analysis and review of, for example, internal TM processes and programmes:
        • Talent definition (criteria, innate vs. acquired, performance vs. potential, overall underlying career orientation)
        • Talent management approach (elite vs. universal, target groups)
        • Identification of talent (procedures, processes, integration in HRM, performance management, succession planning, involved stakeholders)
        • Selection processes (top-down vs. bottom-up)
        • Depth and breadth of talent development programmes (content, alignment with business strategy)
        • Sustainability of TM (qualification of line managers, follow-up, promotion and retention rates)
        • Inclusiveness of TM programmes (e.g. different diversity parameters)
  • talentSUMMIT: Community

    talentSUMMIT is an annual two-day conference held at the ESCP Busines School Berlin campus.

    • Participants comprise: TMI members, other TM experts, TMI staff and the advisory board
    • Programme: workshops and interactive break-out and group sessions, contributions by experts and academics and international insights into the latest TM innovations (best practice, academic research insights and company-specific challenges)
    • Networking opportunities and an open learning environment

    The last talentSUMMIT took place November 22-23, 2018. Contact us for further details.


  • Marion-Festing

    Prof. Dr. Marion Festing is the Academic Director and Head of our Talent Management Institute. At ESCP Business School Berlin, she is also the Chair of Human Resources and Intercultural Leadership and Academic Director of the Centre for Intercultural Management (CIM) and Renault Chair of Intercultural Management.

    In her research she focuses on topics such as international HRM strategies and approaches, with special emphasis on emerging countries, female careers, global talent management and global performance management. In addition, she is also interested in intercultural leadership adjustments as well as in intercultural competences and careers. Marion Festing gained practical work experience in Taiwan, has researched at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and in the U.S. at Michigan State University and has lectured at the University of Sfaxinin Tunisia, amongst many others. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Marion Festing has fulfilled functions as an (associated) editor and reviewer for several journals.

    Link to Marion’s ESCP Europe Profile

    Link to research

  • Lynn-Schäfer

    Dr. Lynn Schäfer is an Affiliated Researcher and former head of the Talent Management Institute (2014-2020). From 2011-2014 she was a research assistant at the Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership at the ESCP Business School Berlin campus, and as such she was involved in several research projects, taught courses on human resource management and organisational behaviour for Master’s and executive courses and wrote her PhD on the topic of context-oriented perspectives on talent management. Her research projects focused on talent management in Germany, for instance gender inclusion in talent management practices in the German media industry and talent management in medium-sized companies in Germany, and she also conducted a research project on talent management and the promotion of women professionals in the software services sector at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore in India.

    Next to ESCP, Lynn is also affilated to a consulting network (subject:RESOUL) where she works as a trainer and coach. Prior to joining the ESCP, she also worked as an HR practitioner in the area of talent relationship management, recruitment, training and management development at McKinsey & Company in Germany and Bertelsmann in Guetersloh and China.

    Link to Lynn’s profile

  • Katharina-Harsch

    Katharina Harsch joined the Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership at ESCP Business Shcool in Berlin in 2014 as a research assistant. Her main research focus centres on strategic human resource development, talent management and career development. In her role as such she conducts research projects on talent management and family businesses. She is also an affiliated researcher for the Talent Management Institute.

    Before joining ESCP, Katharina Harsch completed her Master of Science in Education for Business and Economics, with the focus on Management Control, at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart. During her Master’s she studied at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane for one semester. As an intern at the Bosch Training Center of Robert Bosch GmbH, she wrote her Master’s thesis in the area of human resource development within the organisation. Moreover, Katharina Harsch worked in the area of talent management/career development at MHP, a Porsche Company.

    Link to Katharina’s profile

  • Michaela-Wieandt

    Michaela Wieandt joined ESCP Business School Berlin, in 2008 as a career consultant. She continues to work with students and alumni in relation to career preparation, career strategy and planning, and she also manages the ESCP career network Linking Talents Germany. Additionally, she collaborates with ESCP Business School Berlin’s company partners on talent recruitment and employer branding. Her research interests focus on the area of talent attraction, strategic development of international careers and companies’ international career regimes.

    Prior to ESCP, she worked as a research assistant at the Technical University of Berlin and at the Technical University of Chemnitz. Her research was about the professional development of IT occupations in Germany with regard to IT offshoring, as well as on (IT) consulting. Her Ph.D. work was on the regulation of international consulting projects.

    Link to Michaela’s profile

  • Maral-Muratbekova

    Maral Muratbekova-Touron is the Paris campus representative for the Talent Management Institute. At ESCP Business School, again in Paris, she is an Associate Professor in the management department. Originally from Kazakhstan, she has gained academic and practical work experience in Kazakhstan, Russia and France.

    Her research interests lie in the area of international human resource management and global talent management. Her research projects to date have focused on the international HRM approaches and talent management of multinational companies in developed (France, Canada) and developing countries (Russia, China and Brazil). She has also conducted research projects on intercultural management, including the development of clanism as an indigenous management concept in Central Asia.

    Link to Maral’s profile

  • Chiara-Succi

    Chiara Succi has been Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at ESCP Business School Turin Campus since September 2009.

    She achieved a Ph.D. in 2007, at the University of Lugano, with a dissertation on the acceptance of learning innovations within organisations.

    Since 2003, she has collaborated on several research projects as part of the Swiss Virtual Campus Programme framework and worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Lugano, at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Edith Cowan University (Western Australia) as a visiting researcher. She has also worked as an internal consultant at UniManagement, the leadership development centre of the UniCredit Group and at the Masie Center.

    Her area of interest focuses on the point at which learning, leadership and technology overlap. At the moment, she is focusing on the importance of soft skills and on the identification of the most important “attributes” for the next generation of workers.

    Link to Chiara’s profile

  • Juuso Tiihonen joined the Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership at ESCP Busines School in Berlin in 2017 as a research assistant. His main research focus lies on international HRM, talent management, diversity and demographic change.

    Prior to joining the ESCP, Juuso Tiihonen completed his Master of Arts (Erasmus Mundus Double Degree) in Euroculture with the focus on international HRM, at the University of Göttingen, Germany. During his Master’s he studied at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands for one semester. After receiving his MA degree Juuso worked as an HR practitioner in the areas of international HRM, recruitment, HR development at Science+Computing AG in Tübingen, Avenso GmbH in Berlin and LucaNet GmbH in Berlin.

Advisory Board

As part of the academic talent management community we play a central and crucial part in conducting and publishing state-of-the-art research. In order to achieve this requirement we are in regular contact with the distinguished members of our Talent Management Institute Advisory Board.

  • Prof. David Collings
    (Dublin City University)

    David Collings is Professor of Human Resource Management at Dublin City University as well as Visiting Professor of HRM at King’s College London.

    David Collings is Professor of Human Resource Management at Dublin City University as well as Visiting Professor of HRM at King’s College London. He runs courses on human resource management, international human resource management, talent management and international management. Moreover, he has researched and consulted with a number of multinational companies in the areas of global mobility and talent management.

    In 2014, HR Magazine named Prof. David Collings as one of the 20 Most Influential International Thinkers in HRM.

    For further information and for a full list of publications, please visit David’s profile

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  • Prof. Hugh Scullion
    (National University of Ireland)

    Prof. Hugh Scullion is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and HRM at Hull University Business School, UK.

    Prof. Hugh Scullion is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and HRM at Hull University Business School, UK.

    Some of his research interests include topics such as international HRM in European MNCs, global talent management, global leadership development and women in international management. A recent study by the University of Barcelona ranked Prof. Scullion as no 1 in the world for research productivity in Talent Management. In fact, his research played a major role in developing the international HRM and global talent management fields in Europe.

    For further information and for a full list of publications, please visit Hugh’s profile

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  • Prof. Vlad Vaiman
    (Lutheran University USA)

    Prof. Vlad Vaiman is Professor of International Management at the School of Management of California Lutheran University …

    Prof. Vlad Vaiman is Professor of International Management at the School of Management of California Lutheran University as well as Visiting Professor at several universities around the world (USA, Austria, France, Iceland and Finland).

    He has published not only books on managing talent in organisations, but also a number of academic and practitioner-oriented articles in the fields of talent management and international HRM.

    Moreover, Prof. Vlad Vaiman works as a consultant for a number of major organisations throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and other European countries.

    For further information and for a full list of publications, please visit Vlad’s profile

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  • Prof. Paul Sparrow
    (Lancaster University)

    Paul Sparrow is the Director of the Centre for Performance-led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management …

    Paul Sparrow is the Director of the Centre for Performance-led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management at Lancaster University Management School. From 2008 to 2012, he was consistently voted amongst the Top 15 Most Influential HR Thinkers by Human Resources Magazine.
    Before joining Lancaster University, Paul worked as a Research Fellow at Aston University, was Senior Research Fellow at Warwick University, worked as a Principal Consultant at PA Consulting Group, was Reader/Professor at Sheffield University and, whilst at Manchester Business School, took up the Ford Chair from 2002-2004 and was Director, Executive Education, 2002-2005.
    He has published over 100 journal articles and chapters and several books, and he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

    For further information and a full list of publications, please visit Paul’s profile

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Membership benefits comprise the following events
and opportunities (on an annual basis):


    • Participation in the yearly talentSUMMIT (two-day workshop at ESCP Business School Berlin, excluding accommodation)
    • Opportunity to book a TMI member for a half-day workshop (in-house or at ESCP Business School Berlin) to discuss your specific TM challenges,
      receive feedback on your TM practices or brainstorm new TM ideas

    Other networking opportunities

    • Participation in a TMI networking event at one of the members’ locations
    • Participation in HR lounge events/summer party at ESCP Business School Berlin

    • The chance to suggest important topics for the TMI research agenda and discussion
    • Participation in research projects and get access to full research reports
    • The opportunity to do joint research projects with the TMI

    • Participation in webinars on TM
    • Access to TMI and Chair of HRM & Intercultural Leadership publications
    • Access to a knowledge-sharing platform and an online talent management community, the TMI, summarising the latest news on talent management, studies, best practices and case studies
    • TMI newsletter with important dates, case studies, TM info, etc.

For further information and prices of our member ship packages, please contact our TMI members.


Being part of the talent management research community is central to the whole TMI ethos. Thus, we conduct academic research projects which we present regularly at academic management and talent management conferences.

However, we also regularly conduct applied research projects, tailored to the needs and research areas of our clients. If you are interested in investigating and analysing a specific research question or wish to conduct a case study analysis, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Examples of former research projects are:

  • TM in family businesses in Europe
  • TM in SMEs in Germany
  • TM and female career advancement in the media industry in Germany
  • TM and diversity management in India
  • TM in Russia, the Middle East
  • Agile TM in Germany
  • Inclusive TM


Further areas of expertise and research projects


    • Talent attraction: employer branding, early identification and attraction of talent, talent relationship management and the development of talent communities and pools, social media and recruiting
    • Talent development: identifying and selecting internal talent, training and talent development programms
    • Talent retention: talent relationship management, performance management, talent reviews and succession planning

    • Demographic trends, the war for talent and talent management
    • “Arbeitswelten 4.0” – how do digitalisation and globalisation affect the future work place and work relationships? How can future talent management policies address these issues? How can talent in a virtual organisation be identified and retained? What are new ways of working?
    • Talent management and diversity management, especially gender inclusion
    • Talent management and multigenerational challenges (e.g. Generation Y)
    • Talent management and ambidexterity
    • Talent management in various organisational contexts (small- and medium-sized, family businesses, multinational enterprises, non-profit, start-ups)
    • Global talent management and talent management in emerging countries


For an overview of publications by Marion Festing & the Talent Management Institute, please click here


  • Prof. Dr. Marion Festing

    Academic Director & Head of Talent Management Institute
    Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership

  • Heubnerweg 8-10
    14059 Berlin
    T +49 30 32 00 71 53
    M mfesting@escp.eu