Due to severe talent shortages caused by various dynamics of the modern business world, organizations increasingly need to find new avenues in Talent Management. One proposed way is to quickly and flexibly develop talents among the existing workforce. In this context Talent Sharing, a relatively new – albeit promising – phenomenon, involves the fixed-term placement of talents in other organizations with the aim of developing knowledge and experience. This area of Talent Development has not yet been researched. Therefore, the Chair of Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership (Marion Festing and Katharina Salmen) is seeking to explore the innovative Talent Development Tool of Talent Sharing. Given that Talent Development programs such as Talent Sharing are often very expensive, it is crucial to track the effects at the employee and company level in order to be able to continuously improve the concrete design. For this purpose, we will conduct interviews with participants and/or HR practitioners in a wide variety companies, such as mid-size to global MNCs, various industries, etc.).

For this research project we are looking for companies which pursue Talent Sharing. In order to get deep insights into the topic and its underlying mechanisms we are particularly interested in interviewing talents who participated in Talent Sharing and HR practitioners who are in charge of the corresponding program. Priorities of the project are to investigate the effects of Talent Sharing on Talents and the organization and the underlying processes, the challenges involved, and the design of the program.
If you are interested in participating in our research, please reach out to Katharina Salmen, Research Assistant at the Chair of Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership,