FOLLOW-UP: talentSUMMIT November 22-23

What are future opportunities and challenges in talent management? Conclusions from last week’s talentSUMMIT were: Alexa for recruiting will come, VR for leadership development as well but there will always be HR and TM – even with AI!

Last week, the Talent Management Institute, Prof. Dr. Marion Festing & Dr. Lynn Schäfer at ESCP Europe Berlin held its second talentSUMMIT: Next generation talent management.

Day 1: Comprised of insights by Eva Albrecht and Clara von Hugo on transforming leadership & expert development, Axel Springer & finding global talents by Anne-Marie Karl, #Daimler and an interactive session on talent management and agility. In the evening of November 22, the 35 participants gathered Babbel for a keynote on talentsharing by Fabian Annich (#talentz) and innovative HR start-up pitches by Andreas Dittes (Talentwunder), Roman Vovk (IntraWorlds) and Christian Kaller (Loopline Systems).

Day 2: offered lessons learned from e-commerce for understanding and improving the candidate journey by Christian Schrader (#HRI), inspiring insights on the “new work configurator” and “the dive” for network companies by Heiko Fischer (#ResourcefulHumans) a presentation on AI in HR by Sven Semet from IBM Deutschland and academic insights from the Talent Management Institute advisory board member and professor David Collings from the DCU. A design sprint and interactive workshop together with ESCP Europe talents where participants, speakers and students worked on sustainable talent management innovations wrapped up the two-day programme.

A big thanks to everyone who engaged and participated in this workshop!

Pictures of the event can be found here.