EVENT: Inclusion 14/11

Diversity in organizations is increasing; however, managing diversity is still an important challenge for organizations. There is a shift from dealing with diversity’s challenges to valuing its potential benefits, known as “Inclusion”, referring to a person’s ability to contribute fully and effectively to an organization. But how is inclusion measured, how to fully integrate all employees in an organization from an HR/TM perspective?

The ESCP Europe and the Talent Management Institute cordially invite you to our 7th Talent Management Day with a round table on “Inclusion” on November 14.

Part 1: In the afternoon, from 4.30-6.30 pm we host an exclusive, small expert roundtable for HR and TM decision makers. The topic of this roundtable and knowledge exchange will be on Inclusion and HRM/TM. Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute and Chair of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, will share some academic insights on how to measure inclusion, Nina Haber will provide us with an organization’s perspective on inclusive work practices at Babbel and Jan-Frederik Metje will give some insights on how to embrace neurodiversity. The short impulses will be, followed by an interactive part where we would like to discuss and share best practices among the participants.

Part 2: Starting at 7.00-20.30 pm, we cordially invite you to join our Women in Leadership Community Event with inspiring female leaders and founders like Sylvie Nicol (Executive Vice President Human Resources at Henkel), Katharina Kurz (Co-Founder & MD at BRLO) and Jeanette Okwu (Co-Founder at 1influencers) who will share their experiences, learnings and personal leadership stories with you. In this second part, you have the chance to  mingle with academics, participants from our 4-day seminar for female leaders, members of ESCP Europe´s Women Network and Talent Management Community, other networks like PANDA and our student association MAYA.

We only have a limited number of places available, so will distribute places based on first come, first served basis.

See invitation online here.