New book chapter by TMI members Katharina Harsch & Lynn Schäfer on TM & agility (in German), published August 2019 by Kohlhammer.

The book overall is on agile management, edited by Prof. Dr. Dieter Thomaschewski and Prof. Dr. Rainer Völker from Ludwigshafen University (of Applied Sciences) of Business & Society. The concept of agility is increasingly used in the management context to express that in future, management must act proactively, anticipatively – taking the initiative in order to implement necessary adjustments quickly, efficiently and effectively. Agile management comes from IT project management, but is now generally used as a characteristic for modern organization and leadership in a dynamic environment. The book introduces the topic in a functionally structured way. In this way, relevant partial aspects such as agile working, agile working models, leadership in an agile context, structure and organization of agile companies are dealt with. These developments are inserted into a clear conceptual grid and theory is combined with management practice.

The book chapter by the TMI members on talent management and agility (in German) provides an introduction to talent management and agility with practical examples on agile talents & talent attraction, selection & peer-recruiting, self-nomination and innovative formats of agile talent development, as well as aspects of talent retention in agile organizations. It also sheds light on the potential risks and challenges when becoming agile (health and stress-related issues) and offers a critical reflection.

The publication (in German) can be found at the publisher’s website here.