New book chapter published by TMI members Prof. Dr. Marion Festing and Katharina Harsch on “Macro Talent Management in Germany: A Strong Economy Facing the Challenges of a Shrinking Labor Force“, in: Vlad Vaiman, Paul Sparrow, Randall Schuler, David G. Collings (2018). Macro Talent Management – A Global Perspective on Managing Talent in Developed Markets, Routledge, 101-122.

About the book (information taken from the publishers website):

Macro Talent Management: A Global Perspective on Managing Talent in Developed Markets is the first book to focus specifically on country-level activities aimed at attracting, mobilizing, developing, and retaining top talent for economic success in developed markets. The book serves as a guide that orients the reader toward activities that increase their country’s global competitiveness, attractiveness, and economic development through strategic talent management.

This book brings together leading experts from around the world to address such isues as cross-border flows of talent, diaspora mobility, knowledge flows, global labour markets, and policies.Bringing together research from the fields of human resource management, international business, economic geography, comparative international development, and political economy, this is a definitive, comprehensive treatment of the topic aimed at advanced students and practitioners.
The editor team also published a book on “Macro Talent Management in Emerging and Emergent Markets”. Here, they feature macro talent management topics in 3 parts: Part I covers emerging markets, part II emergent markets, and part III pan-national themes such as migration and clusters. For further information, please use this link.