EIASM BarcelonaLast week, the Talent Management Institute participated again in the talent management workshops organised by the EIASM. The 6th workshop on talent management, hosted by Eva Gallardo-Gallardo, Hugh Scullion, David Collings and Vlad Vaiman – took place in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain from October 2-3 at the fabulous modernist building of Palau Macaya. To view the invitation, please use this link.

Our Affiliate Researcher Juuso Tiihonen presented and discussed a conceptual paper, authored by Prof. Marion Festing, Academic Director of the institute, Lynn Schäfer, Head of the institute and Juuso Tiihonen with the working titel:
“The Paradox of Exclusive Talent Management and Inclusion: Towards an IE Approach and an Inclusion Index in TM”.

Juuso: “Being an enthusiastic newcomer in the academic field of talent management, the EIASM Workshop provided me a perfect international forum to test my ideas and learn from the best in the field of talent management. I’m sure that the extremely relevant and up-to-date paper topics and the ensuing critical, yet constructive discussions will propel the quality of academic as well as practical inputs into TM to even further heights. See you next year!”

We are already looking forward to submitting our research to the next talent management workshop, which will take place on October 1-2, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.