This year, the Talent Management Institute was again present at the talent management workshop organized by the EIASM. The 8th workshop on talent management, hosted by Cordula Barzantny, Hugh Scullion, David Collings and Vlad Vaiman – took place in Toulouse from September 30 till October 1 at Toulouse Business School. To view the invitation, please use this link.

In the VUCA world, ambidexterity becomes important and has implications for talent management. Talents need the cognitive ability to handle paradoxical situations, benefit from multilevel development, including talent sharing beyond organizational boundaries, and respond to metrics fostering innovative behavior. At the EIASM talent management workshop, Lynn Schäfer and Marion Festing presented their ideas on talent management for ambidextrous organizations, among other international reseaerchers such as Paul Evans, Paul Sparrow, Domitille Bonneton, Anthony McDonnell, Sarah Lindsay, Eva Gallardo-Gallardo, Nicky Dries, Eric Davoine, Dr. Dagmar Daubner-Siva, Jerome CHABANNE-RIVE, David Soubielle, Akram AL ARISS, Dr. Natalie Koeppe, Guenter Stahl, Marjaana Gunkel, Emily Russo, Ph.D Mihaela Dimitrova, Francine Schlosser, David Brannon, David Collings, Vlad Vaiman, PhD, Hugh Scullion and Prof. Dr. Cordula BARZANTNY.

Next years 9th EIASM talent management workshop will take place in Cork, Ireland, October 5-6, 2020, organized by Anthony McDonnell.

Information will be published at EIASM website here.