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On November 14, Dr. Lynn Schäfer, head of the talent management institute participated in the Trainee Summit of Absolventa, hosted by Hubert Burda Media in Munich. Around 70 people participated in the Trainee Summit, including a full day of keynotes and presentations on topics such as the Trainee Survey, recrutainment, the Burda Bootcamp plus panel discussion.

In her keynote on “agile HR & Talent Management”, she presented findings from a current research project, including examples of agile HR and talent management practices in companies. In attraction and recruiting areas, it is important to establish an agile employer brand to attract these “agile” and “digital” talents. Teams are not only included in recruiting processes but become process owners, the first contact of the department or future colleagues being whats app, SnapChat, Email – something that is highly valued, especially by IT talents. With respect to talent development, focusing on personal developtment, networking (e.g. Communities of Practice, Best Practice Clubs), out of the box thinking (e.g. design thinking, improvisation, coping with risks, secondments) and self nominations for talent development programs were among the examples of agile TM practices of participating organisations in the study. In ambidextrous organisations where both – the traditional core business (hierarchical structures) and agile new business units/networks (to foster innovation) exist, HR and talent management need to equally address both “systems”. So, next to the traditional HR practices and activities, more flexible, agile practices (recruiting, development, performance management) for these new business units and networks are needed simultaneously – something which is sometimes referred to as bimodal, integrated or ambidextrous HR system.

Lynn Schäfer, Talent Management Institute ESCP Europe Agenda Trainee Summit Absolventa

A summary of the event, including a picture gallery and possibility to download the event brochure can be found here.