TMI opening keynote@Marcus Evans HR Gipfel

On September 27-28, Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, academic director TMI and chair of HRM and intercultural leadership and Dr. Lynn Schäfer, head of the institute hold the opening keynote of the HR Gipfel on September 27 in the Waldorf Astoria, Berlin.

Increasing global competition and progressive digitisation are challenging companies to act in a dynamic and competitive environment. Innovations, flexibility and speed, i.e. agility, are prerequisites for long-term success. The most important influencing factor for organizational agility is not the latest technology, but it is the people who work for the company. Talent management can contribute to the promotion of agility: Success factors include innovative selection processes involving auditions, individualization through self-nomination and personal responsibility, and current learning formats such as peer learning, Coaching, Barcamps, and design thinking. Sustainability arises when not only tools are used, but also the mindset is changed and a culture of trust is lived. Those insights were presented in the opening keynote including practical recommendations on talent management and agility (current research project by K. Harsch and M. Festing).

A video of Prof. Dr. Marion Festing summarizing the main points from the presentation at the HR Gipfel can be found here.

Other interesting presentations of this two day workshop on September 27-28 covered e.g. topics of big data and people analytics (SAP), HR circles@DB Vertrieb (Sirka Laudon) and Global talent management at Deutsche Telekom.

For further information on the HR Gipfel from Marcus Evans in 2019, please use this link.