TMI@HR BarCamp Berlin

On March 22-23, the HR BarCamp took place in the Ellington Hotel, Berlin, organized by Jannis Tsalikis (Vice Media) and Christoph Athanas (metaHR). More than 200 HR managers, blogger and HR service providers participated in this lively, open format. After a short introduction, the participants were able to pitch topics and more than 40 people suggested session topics. The participants were then able to vote for their favorite topics and the agenda for the two days was decided afterwards.

The TMI also pitched the topic HR and agility (German) “Mythos Agilität im HR – wo stehen wir?” and organized a session with Dr. Lynn Schäfer and Katharina Harsch from the TMI on March 23. In our sessions, we presented findings from our research, as well as very frankly discussed and exchanged with the group of participants best practices, lessons learned of introducing agility in companies.

We really enjoyed the open athmosphere and exchange with participants and it is a great opportunity for networking! The next HR BarCamp 2019 will take place from February 28th to March 1st in Berlin. Tickets are already sold out, but there is a group in Xing where you can try to get spare tickets or get waitlisted.