About us


    Our aim is to develop and provide practice-oriented TM research and solutions for practitioners by:

    • Developing and running practice-oriented research projects
    • Conducting academic research projects
    • Offering the possibility to develop and test new and innovative TM practices and formats (e.g. with talentLAB)

    Our aim is to create a TM expert network and community which will:

    • Provide networking opportunities for TM experts and members
    • Foster TM discussions and best practice sharing among members
    • Offer individual (in-house) sessions to discuss TM matters with TMI experts

    Our aim is to provide a learning environment and platform for members to:

    • Gain access to state-of-the-art TM research and practices (case studies, ongoing projects, newsletters, blogs, webinars)
    • Participate in TM surveys and receive full access to our publications

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